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Physician Testimonials


NHR has been incredibly supportive and have a tremendous staff. As a new graduate, they guided me throughout the entire process and really made me feel like I was in good hands. My questions have always been answered promptly and I never feel unsupported. Working with them was an easy decision and I am very pleased with the end result!

– Dr. A. Maryland


I found the leadership teams at both NHR and SNF facilities are very welcoming, supportive and trying to make difference in our community. I feel privileged to be part of the team and take pride in providing my services to the community. I see patients who look forward for my visits and appreciate the service provided.

– Dr. Z. Connecticut


When I started working for NHR, I was new to working in the world of subacute rehabilitation facilities and unsure of what to expect. From the moment I set foot into my facilities, any fears or uncertainties I had felt about the implementation of my role were immediately washed away. NHR implemented it's program seamlessly and flawlessly, and the facilities were 100% ready for me to get started without a moment's hesitation. NHR has always been there for me to resolve any issues that have arisen, and are always available to me whenever needed. I would encourage any physiatrist to join their ever-growing family of great doctors providing great care!

– Dr. C. New York


Having previously worked in a busy outpatient musculoskeletal practice, I am intimately familiar with the constant daily grind, patient visit time constraints, and various pressures associated with that setting. I wasn’t satisfied, and felt as though my patients were being shortchanged in the process. I needed a change, and while at first I was hesitant about transitioning to work in the SNF setting due to my relative unfamiliarity with it, I can now say that it was the absolute right move and fits my practice style so much better. I have the freedom and flexibility to see patients on a schedule of my own design, and can spend as much time with an individual patient as they deserve. I know that my patients greatly appreciate that. In addition, as a consultant physiatrist I fill a role in my facilities that was previously entirely missing and sorely needed. The medical team and rehab staff truly value my expertise and contributions. I now have a whole new outlook on practicing PM&R. I would encourage new graduates or anyone looking for a change from their current position to consider teaming up with NHR as I did.

– Dr. M. Pennsylvania


When starting a new job you are always a little scared of what to expect, but from day one the National Health Rehabilitation team made the transition seamless and enjoyable. Once on board, their continued support both professionally and personally makes being part of their team a win win situation.

– Dr. I. Connecticut