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What Our Partner Centers Are Saying

We take pride in being a collaborative member of your team and setting you up for success. See what some of our partner centers have said about our National Health Rehab physicians:


Dr. Z has been a great addition to our team. He is great with the patients, always speaks with the therapists directly and routinely follows up, as needed. The program is running very smooth here thankfully!

– Director of Rehab at Connecticut  SNF


I am glad to have a National Health Rehab Physiatrist as part of our team. I came from a facility that did not have full time physiatry consulting. We just had one that would come once a month, sometimes every other month. So I was quite impressed to learn NHR had such a service. I have been able to note the advantages of having our own physiatrist. We have a physiatry referral form that provides clear communication of referrals. It provides Dr. Putcha with as much information as possible so that he can comfortably evaluate the resident, and hone in on their individualized need, and in tern, increase resident satisfaction.

– L. S. Director of Nursing at New York  SNF


Having physiatry services available from a marketing perspective assists our facility in standing out from the rest. Being able to state that we have a rehabilitation specialist on our team is extremely beneficial given that the majority of residents admitted require sub acute care and skilled rehabilitation services.

– Y. E. Administrator at New York  SNF


The residents love Dr. Sutaria, her customer service is awesome!! Our rehab residents’ pain is better managed with injections, which she’s doing. Her follow up with all the residents and families is excellent !! She treated a dementia resident who was not eating and communicating. The resident had a decline due to multiple fractures in the past few months. She worked with him a few times and is now talking and communicating with increase in po intake :)

 - D. A. Director of Nursing at Connecticut  SNF


I am happy to say that we are currently a 5 star facility. This star rating is heavily impacted by our quality measures report which is obtained from MDS assessment data. One of these highly weighed measures is the “Long Stay Quality measure: Residents who Self-report moderate to severe pain. Our facility percentage for this category was 1%. This is largely due to the fact that all of our referred residents with reported pain are able to receive a personalized evaluation from our physiatrist, who in tern is able to recommend as well as provide different pain control modalities and ongoing monitoring of the resident’s progress and response to interventions.

– C. C. Assistant DON  at New York SNF


Dr. Dalal has filled a role that we really needed here at the care center.  He really cares about the patients’ overall well-being in addition to their rehab needs, and helps keep us one step ahead.

 - M. T. Director of Rehab at Florida SNF

Have a success story or quality measures to share from your center?